Bitterness turned to Love


It's easy to get frustrated, angry, impatient, bitter all sorts of emotions. It's easy to hate, yell, hurt. It's hard to be patient, to give grace, and to love. Love is hard. Perfect love is hard. But when we choose to love and believe in truth, we learn to give grace, mercy and be at peace. This can only come from the Holy Spirit. When we choose to let go and love, we choose the hard way but the way that prunes our hearts and changes our perspective on things. When our perspective starts to change, things that annoy us and make us angry don't become so frustrating and maddening all of a sudden. Life is short. Remember that if something is annoying you or seems like the worst thing in the world at the time, reality is, that thing probably isn't going to matter a few years from now. So choose love and truth, and through that you will gain better understanding of grace, mercy and peace.

Jesus changed my heart completely and now I have a completely new perspective on things. He is constantly changing my heart and teaching me to be more like Him. And it is hard. Really hard. But it is so worth it. Because I am perfectly loved by my my Father in heaven, I can love others well and give grace and be at peace. Because I understand His Truth, I can give grace and mercy. God is good and I want to choose to live every day not getting angry at the small things, but love and embrace the things that matter.

Jesus you are good. I don't deserve your love but you love me anyways. Thankyou for your perfect love Father.