2016. Filled with so many different emotions. Brokenness, hurt, anger, bitterness, which slowely turned to love, joy, peace, patience, kindness. Heart and soul changing. Jesus renewing my strength and my soul. It is crazy how fast time flies. It feels like just a second ago I was a freshman in high school. But I'm not sad that time is flying by. I am at peace with it. I want to be fully present in every moment that I am given. So as 2017 rolls around, I will choose to continue to live in Jesus's peace, being fully present in every moment, being intentional and loving everyone I come across, not getting angry or upset or frustrated at the small things that will fade away. We can choose peace and that's what I want to do. So as you look back on 2016, take time to reflect.. Reflect on who you are and how you want to grow as a person. Look back at the memories that make you laugh and fill you with pure joy. Look back at the chaotic moments of 2016 (maybe the 2016 election was chaotic for you), and remember that you have a choice to be angry or to be at peace. No matter what happens, some things are beyond our control. But we CAN choose how we react to things. We can choose to believe that there is a bigger plan that none of us can really comprehend at the moment. It might be hard to understand now, but later we can look back and understand and grow. Take each moment you're given and live it to the fullest. Happy New Years everyone. I hope your new year is filled with so much joy, laughter and perfect love!!!