A Woman


So this past month I have been extremely overwhelmed by all sorts of emotions. I've been learning how to feel everything again and not bottle up my emotions. And I absolutely love it. I am thankful for the strong, vulnerable, loving women I've been blessed with in my life to be there with me through everything and be such amazing examples of what living life to the fullest looks like. Feeling absolutely every emotion. Pursuing what the are passionate about. Being okay with wherever they are in life. Being okay with whatever issues they might have, learning and growing from them, accepting them, and overcoming them. So, when I think of what a strong woman should look like, it is these women in my family, who have been through a lot of crap but are so strong and real and loving because of it. They feel everything and have all been through so much. But they don't let their circumstances define who they are. Instead, they understand who they are, what they believe in and who they want to be. They understand that circumstances and people don't define us, but we can choose to grow from the circumstances we are placed in. So lately, because of these strong women, I've learned more about who I want to be and who I am. They have each taught me different things about what it means to be a woman. To be a woman means having strength. Powerful. Vulnerable. Real. Feeling every emotion. Not being okay all the time, which is completely okay. I want to feel everything with strength, because being emotional is having strength to feel things to the fullest. And it's the coolest thing. Because I am blessed with such amazing women in my life, I have learned the type of friends I want to be friends with. I want to choose friends that are going to love me well and be with me through everything. Most of all, I want to be around people that are completely real and speak truth into me. That know life can be crappy sometimes. So it's okay to cry, it's okay to feel things. There is strength in that.

Seek people out in your life that are going to be real and better you. Seek out the good relationships, the loving ones. Because those are the best and worth while. Feel everything fully, love deeply, and know that your circumstances don't define you.