The good old days

I’m in this season right now of just a lot of joy and excitement. There is no stress. There is not too much hurt. It’s just this season of pure enjoyment. And I’m clinging onto it really tight and trying to remain present in it all. I don’t want to look forward to what’s to come and miss out on the good days, because these are part of the good days, what is happening right here, right now. I want to cling to it and close my eyes and sit in the feelings of joy and excitement and laughter and curiosity. I want to feel it all and experience it all fully so that in moments where I feel stuck, in moments where I am struggling and fighting for joy.. In moments of anxiety and just seasons where it’s a bit harder, I want to cling to these moments and try to remember the good old days, and know that I will enter a season again where Jesus redeems me, a season where it’s me and Jesus laughing again. There will be dark and hard times, and I might forget what those seasons of joy felt like because I might face something that seems so hopeless and impossible, but I just have to keep going and keep fighting. Keep going. Jesus is right there in the pit of the darkness with you just as much as he is with you in moments of pure joy and goodness. He’s seen the darkest darkness but he is the brightest light. He’s defeated it all. Cling to him. He has prepared a future for you and you get to be a part of something so much greater. He’s got you and he’s carrying you when you’re not strong enough to carry yourself. Cling to the joy of who Jesus is. Cling to the vulnerability and the pain of what Jesus went through. He is everything. He knows every emotion, every ounce of pain, he’s endured it all, and he’s holding you in this. In seasons of joy and excitement and good, enjoy it. Have fun. Don’t take everything too seriously. Be yourself and spend time with Jesus laughing and playing. Take time to play.