Be present.

8 days until Christmas. 8 days to eat as many Christmas cookies as I can consume and sing as many Christmas songs as I know. 8 days to watch all of the Home Alone movies, Christmas Vacation, Elf, and of course, Miracle on 34th street. There is so much to look forward to around this time of the year. You get to hang out with your family and friends, sit by the fire and drink hot coco, and look forward to all of the new things that the New Year has in store.

I took my last exam yesterday to conclude my first semester of college, and I am so excited to have a break and relax. But it really got me to thinking about how quick time goes by. And it also reminded me that I don't want to miss out on all that life has in store. As a kid, I just wanted to be a teenager. When I was a teenager, I just wanted to get my drivers license. Soon, I wanted to be in college and be independent. And that day snuck up on me. Now, all I want is for time to slow down. It really is crazy how fast time flies, and how short life is. I have learned so much this semester about myself, about who I want to strive to be, and about living each moment of my life to the fullest. This semester has taught me to be completely present in each moment, to seek adventure in everything, to be intentional with everyone around me, and to be apart of something so much bigger than myself. So I just want to encourage you, wherever you are in life right now. No matter where you are in life, be present in every moment. Do something that scares you. Seek out your passions and talents. During this holiday season, be present with your friends and family. Hang out and be intentional with them and cherish every moment. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the holidays!! Drink lots of eggnog and eat a bunch of gingerbread cookies while watching your favorite Christmas movies!!! Merry Christmas!

You are enough.


I want to write about fashion, but I also want to write about a lot of other things too. So, I decided to make another section in my blog called, Living in Truth. Every day, we are faced with choices. We learn something new every day, and I want to share with you all the things that I have learned and am still learning. I want to encourage you and tell you that you are amazing, and that you are beautiful, and that you are worth so much. You are worth more than the biggest diamond in the world. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. So ignore those voices that are telling you that you aren't enough. Because the truth is, you are enough. No matter what you believe in or what choices you make, you are worth it. And you deserve the best. You are precious and adored. So today, I want to share with you a revelation I had a while back. It is something I read over and over again when I need encouragement or when I feel like I am loosing my identity. So no matter what you believe in, I hope as you read this, you feel encouraged and your realize how loved, adored, and beautiful you are. Because no matter what you believe or don't believe in, you are worth so so much and you deserve perfect love. 

I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that I am given the opportunity to have a relationship with Him. A while back, I had this revelation, and Jesus completely wrecked my heart. I have never felt Jesus so present in my life before. His love and grace was overwhelming, and is overwhelming. He wrecked my heart, and I journaled. I completely believe these words I wrote in my journal were the Holy Spirit working through me. Because I believe that when we open up our whole heart to Jesus and sit in His presence and peace, he can do so much through us and for us. So I am going to share with you what I wrote, in hopes that you feel encouraged and loved just as I now do. 

A note from The Father up in Heaven to you:

We are constantly seeking approval. We want to be loved. We go to boys, alcohol, etc. We do everything we can to be approved and to be loved. We cry because we are filled with hurt and regret. We continue to do these things to try to feel loved and approved, but we never are. We get so deep in darkness and sorrow, we don't even try to get up anymore. We just sit in sorrow. But just look up! Look at me! I love you. I approve you. I want to hold you, and laugh with you, and cry with you! I want to wipe away your tears, and take your sorrow and hurt and replace that sorrow and hurt with joy and love. I just want to hold you. And tell you how beautiful and lovely and worthy you are. I want to hold you and never let go. If you just let me. I will never leave you. I will never chew you up and spit you out. I want to love you. If you will let me. I want to show you how beautiful and precious you are. You are a princess. You don't have to keep doing this. You don't have to do it alone anymore. You don't have to live on your own strength anymore. Let me do it for you. Let me take your hurt and your sins and burdens from you. It's nothing I can't handle. Stop running from me and pushing me away because you think that you don't deserve perfect love. The truth is... there is nothing you can do to hurt me or push me away. I will always love you and wait for you. I will always hold my arms open for you to run to. I will never leave you or hurt you. There is nothing you can do to make me love you less. I want to love you. You are worthy of love. You don't have to try anymore. You are already approved. And you are PERFECT just the way you are. 


As you read that, I hope you feel encouraged. I hope you know that you are loved and that you are approved. The reason I chose Jesus is because I know that I cannot do it on my own. I know that no amount of knowledge can be more than the love of Jesus. I know that there are things I can't forgive myself for, but Jesus will forgive me for, and I need His help to forgive myself. I know that my sins are already forgiven, because I believe that Jesus died the worst and most painful, miserable, excruciating death because He loved me and all of us so so much. That is a love that is unfathomable, and that I want. That is a love that I don't deserve, but am given anyways because Jesus loves me so much. I want to love with that love, and be a part of something bigger than myself. I am telling you all of this so that you can better understand me and what I believe in, and better understand a little bit of who Jesus is. You can read all of this and disagree with me, and that is totally okay. Because we are each given the right and the CHOICE to believe in what we want to believe in. But no matter what, I hope you know that you are loved beyond measure and you are worth it. You are enough. And you have the capacity to do what your heart desires. You have the ability to pursue your dreams and believe in yourself. So never stop believing. Never stop chasing your dreams. And NEVER believe the lie that says you aren't enough, because you are enough. You are wonderful. 

Anyways, I hope you have an amazing Saturday and a great week! If you have finals this week for college, good luck!!! And if you don't, I am jealous!! Happy December everyone!