Our world is constantly changing. The people, the environment, the technology, the fashion, and so much more. We live in a world full of diversity and full of opinions. It is important to know what your stance is on things. While change happens in almost everything in life, I am going to focus in on fashion and how it changes over time. To specify, I am going to focus on trends. Should we keep up with trends or should trends keep up with us? I see trends as a burden. Why do we as people need to keep up with the latest trends when they are constantly changing. If everyone is trying to keep up with the latest trends, you see so many people dressing the same way. Why should we constantly have to keep up with trends and the way society says we should dress? There is no individuality in that. Fashion is about creating art and expressing who you are as an individual.  So to answer the question, trends should keep up with us. Wear what makes you feel good, and don't think that you have to keep up with trends. That is not what makes fashion icons. So who cares what people think. Through middle school and the beginning of high school, I was so worried about what people thought about me. I did everything I could to fit in. I acted the way my friends acted, and wore what everyone else was wearing. I quickly learned that none of that matters. All you can do is be confident in who you are and love who you are and what makes you, you. There is always going to be someone who you can't please. Fashion was a way for me to express myself. Fashion is about breaking through boundaries and expressing yourself in the truest way possible. Remember that and don't feel like you have to please everyone around you. Dress the way that makes you feel comfortable, and walk with confidence. Because each and every person is beautiful, and fashion is a way you can express who you are as a person. 


My favorite style is a classic black outfit. I've said it before and I will say it again: You can never go wrong with all black. Lately, my style has been all dark colors. I absolutely love dark colors. Burgundy, black, gray, navy, etc. Plus, they are comfy fall colors. For this outfit, I chose a black romper, a black leather hooded jacket, some black heeled booties, and a blue necklace to make the outfit pop. 


I bought this black romper from Victoria's Secret last summer. It is actually a cover up, but I wear it as an outfit because you can't tell the difference. It has adjustable straps and a simple v-neck. The romper is loose and extremely comfortable. It has a deep v in the back of the romper also. It is fun, flirty, loose and an all around good black romper.

I bought this jacket from Garage Clothing over Labor Day weekend. I have been wanting a faux leather jacket for a while now, but I have been waiting to find the perfect one. This jacket has a cotton layering on the inside that is comfy and cozy. There is a hood, which I love for extra cold winter days. The sleeves have zippers on the sides, which is nice if you want to layer and put a sweater underneath this jacket. This jacket really is the perfect jacket for layering. The lining is so pretty, and creates such a biker look. I could go on about this jacket for a while. I really do recommend this jacket to everyone because it is extremely warm and comfortable. 

I've talked about these boots before, but I bought them from Forever 21. They definitely give off a little bit of a 70s vibe. I have them in black and chestnut brown because they are just so cute and versatile. 

My friend let me borrow this necklace because I don't own much jewelry. I love this necklace because it is the perfect mix of blues to make the outfit really pop. I bought my ring last week from Madewell. It is my favorite accessory and I wear it with everything. Madewell has such a wide variety of jewelry, and each piece of jewelry is so dainty, delicate and pretty. Madewell's jewelry can soften just about any outfit.

I hope you all enjoyed this week's post! And remember to stay true to who you are and to your personal style. Happy Sunday!


Romper: old, Shop Similar

Jacket: sold out, Shop Similar from Garage

Booties: Forever 21

Necklace: Shop Similar

Ring: Madewell

Photography: Sarah Schuler


Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever. - Coco Chanel