Starry Night

So I mentioned a while back that I have been completely inspired by 70s and 90s looks, which comes at a good time, considering 70s, and especially 90s looks, are very in right now. My go-to store lately has been Pacsun. If you don't know what Pacsun is, I'll explain it to you in short. It kind of has a california vibe, which I absolutely love. The clothing is great quality for such a great price. So, if you need to find somewhere to shop that won't break your budget, check out Pacsun. 

For this week's look, I chose a 90s inspired look. I wore a mesh shirt under a little black dress with some funky blue suede heeled booties. The shirt is loose and comfy, along with the dress. So if you want to look cute, but be comfortble, this is the perfect outfit.

I found this mesh top at Pacsun a month or two ago and fell in love. I loved it so much, that I bought a long sleeve bodysuit in the same pattern. This shirt is perfect for layering and can actually be worn in many different ways. You could wear it under a silk or satin cami, or maybe just wear it by itself with a basic black brallete underneath. What caught my eye about this shirt was definitely the pattern. The scattered moons, suns, and stars all over the shirt is so appealing in style and makes the outfit really pop. It just has that starry night effect. Not only that, but the mesh shirt is perfectly detailed on its own, so you don't need much jewelry. 

This black dress is also from Pacsun. When I saw it and tried it on, I knew it would be perfect to wear over my mesh top. It has a unique hem line right beneath the chest area that goes in a downwards v shape. But I think my favorite thing about this dress is that it sways back and forth adding that feminine touch to the whole look. 

Last but not least, we have the boots. I could talk about these boots for hours. I just bought them from Steve Madden and I wear them with almost everything. Don't let that heel fool you, they are extremely comfortable. These shoes are plush in texture and soft to the touch. The material hugs around your ankle and lower calf to give off yet another 90s vibe. This midnight blue color makes any outfit pop. In my opinion, it is the shoe that ties an outfit together. And if you ask me, these shoes definitely don't fail to do so. If you love these shoes but don't know what all you would be able to wear it with, there is actually so much. Velvet really makes any outfit look good. You could wear a basic white top with some boyfriend jeans or black skinny jeans rolled right above the boot. Or, maybe you could wear a moss green utility jacket with a white top and denim frayed shorts. The options are endless. This shoe is under $100, which is such a good find for this quality and style. All in all, these shoes were the perfect shoes to pull this whole look together. 

Make sure to check out all of the links listed below for my outfit! See you next Saturday!

Mesh Top: Pacsun

Dress: Pacsun, Shop Similar

Shoes: Steve Madden

Photography: Rainey Gregg

Special Thanks to Rainey Gregg for these awesome photos!