Happy Tuesday and I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! I had the whole week off and it was perfect. I slept a lot, ate a lot, slept some more, and spent time with all of my family and friends. It was the perfect amount of relaxation before heading back to college to deal with the stress of studying for finals. Prayers and thoughts appreciated as I head into these three weeks of no sleep and constant studying:) 

I got back to campus on Sunday, and boy did I miss it. I was only gone for a week, and I was having separation anxiety from my little mountain town. I love, love love, the mountains, fall colors and crisp weather. It just makes me feel cozy and at peace.  Anyways, we are now starting that transition into cold winter weather! Anyone else super excited for the winter?! Im excited to build a snowman, drink hot coco by the fire, and wear big oversized sweaters and mittens!! So much to look forward to. As we start transitioning into the colder months, I chose an outfit that is perfect for that crips and chilly day: a black leather jacket, a comfy black sweater, a velvet black choker, some black jeans, and some chestnut suede boots to add some contrast. You might have seen a few of these pieces in my other posts, but I love these pieces so much I had to share them with you again. 

I love this black sweater because the front is classy and simple and the back is fun and flirty. I also love how there is a little twist at the bottom of the fabric. It adds the perfect touch. It is a great sweater to spice up the whole outfit.

These jeans are from Madewell, and like always, they are made so well. You can never have too many pairs of black jeans. Black really does go with anything. And if someone tells you differently, don't listen. I pair navy blue with black all the time, because style is about breaking boundaries and rules. It is about creating. So if you aren't sure if something matches, just wear it anyways because an outfit doesn't need to be perfectly matched. That can be boring. 

I have talked about this faux leather jacket before, but I bought it form garage. It is my go-to jacket and it is perfect for layering. 


One piece that I wear with almost every outfit is a simple black velvet choker. You don't always need a lot of jewelry to make an outfit pop. A lot of times, less is more. 

And what always ties an outfit together: the shoes. I have talked about these boots before.. they are all around great booties. These boots were the perfect shoe to make the outfit really pop. 

This outfit is effortless, simple, classic and chic. Like I always say, you can never go wrong with all black.

Anyways, I hope you have a good week and are as excited as I am about the holiday season just around the corner! Happy Tuesday everyone!


Choker: similar

Sweater: similar

Jacket: similar

Jeans: Madewell

Boots: Forever 21

Photography: Alexandra Sapp